Sabra Moroccan cactus silk carpet

Cactus silk rug

For centuries, the Berbers have lived on the harsh lands of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. The constant struggle for life or death has made the Berber people a resourceful and pragmatic people, for whom the carpet is a living testimony of how the Berbers can bring beauty and elegance to their wild life.

Berber culture is very committed to preparing the next generation to receive the millennial stick, to continue the endless cycle of tending the land, raising animals and making rugs, passing on the techniques and traditions to subsequent generations.

The mountain tribes use the wool of their goats or sheep, while the desert tribes use the hair of their camels or plant fibers. A common fiber comes from the Aloe Vera plant, which belongs to the thorny cactus family like the Agavoideae (but not really a cactus). After their extraction, the fibers are dyed using natural vegetable dyes which leave a beautiful shine, giving it a silky appearance, hence the name "cactus silk".

The silky feel and lush colors made this material a popular choice for Arab royalty as well as for wedding attire. The high elasticity of the fibers gives the cactus silk rug a fresh and welcoming look on any plane, but also makes it perfect for a sofa or a bed.

Cactus silk rugs are unique as they are among the few truly organic and vegetarian rugs that respect the environment in which they are made, thus honoring the deep connection Berber designers feel with the land around them.

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