Is your home an authentic reflection of you and your own unique journey?
We believe it should be.

Your home is where you spend the most time. It’s where you live, love, relax, recharge, and — most of all — dream. Every piece you bring into your home should inspire you to live an even richer, more vibrant life. We believe you deserve artistic designs that express your true colors, beautify your space, and add cultural texture to your home.

It’s that passion for quality, handmade home goods that led us to found Berbermade.
We partner with master artisans from all over the world who still use time-honored techniques, handpicking the very best craftsmen and hand-weavers to bring you high quality handmade source material. Then, we collaborate with a curated selection of US-based artists to create designs that are modern and sophisticated while still maintaining an authentic Bohemian flair. The result? Exclusive, limited-edition collections of home goods that are ethically sourced, thoughtfully designed, and sustainably made.

Because we don’t just want our collections to look beautiful — we also want them to tell a beautiful story. Our pillows, poufs, and coverlets feature rich colors, harmonious designs, and stunning motifs that add character, luxury and warmth to any space.

Every Berbermade piece has soul, history, and purpose woven into every stitch. As a rule, we only use the most premium materials available, including organic cactus / sabra silk, botanical dyes, and the finest softest organic wool. None of our pieces are factory-made. In fact, many items are made-to-order, ensuring that every pillow, pouf, and coverlet is completely one-of-a-kind. Just like you are.