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Meet The makers

We partner with master artisans from all over the world who still use time-honored techniques, handpicking the very best craftsmen and hand-weavers to bring you high quality handmade source material. Then, we collaborate with a curated selection of US-based artists to create designs that are modern and sophisticated while still maintaining an authentic Bohemian flair. The result? Exclusive, limited-edition collections of home goods that are ethically sourced, thoughtfully designed, and sustainably made.


Bouchta is one of our expert weavers and here at the workshop, he is showing us how he looms the textured yarn into blankets and pillow covers with traditional wooden pedal looms; a technique that has been passed down to him through generations.


Fatima has always been very proud and passionate about her work. She specializes in wedding blankets also known as Tamizart (Mozona). Fabric contains a blend of wool and cotton which is loomed in various forms by her artistry. Flat-woven to create a thinner pile featuring light yarn and intricate knots, the Mozona pillows are very soft and luxurious. She sews each of the sequins clusters by hand which is her favorite part of the process. She explained to us how the sequins are supposed to symbolize future wealth and ward off the evil eye.


We fell in love with Makoumbi’s craft since Day one. His work originates from the region of North Eastern Africa. Due to the milder climate in this region, the fabric is made with a lower pile height for many generations and with various forms of symmetric knots, asymmetric knots as well as the intricate Berber knot.


Zane learned her craft in the Tuareg region of Northern Mali. She fled conflict and joined a small cooperative in southern Algeria. The highly versatile culture of this region is expressed in the various flat weaves, knotted on vertical or flat manual looms.


We met Saeed in the village of Amizmiz, a small village located in the heart of the Atlas Mountains just south of the city of Marrakech. His specialty is sourcing super vintage and unique fabric made by the very skilled women, craftsmen and hand weavers in the region.


Daoiya is one of our collaborators from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Her expertise is weaving the cactus silk fabric and then dying the yarn with all-natural botanical pigments for maximum vibrancy. She explained to us how she learned to loom the textured yarn with traditional wooden pedal looms from her mother. Our Atlas collections come from this versatile Berber culture.